Admin can track user activity, appointments, revenue, and generate analytical reports.

Report Management

The Reports Management section in the admin panel is designed to track user activity and monitor the overall status of the system.

The admin can find valuable information here, such as the number of appointments, revenue, and registered providers.

Analytical Report

  • The admin will find various reports available, including the New Users Report, Appointment Report, and Service Provider Report.

  • If the status New users then admin finds the analytical bar graph of the new users registered in the platform such as consulting provider, referring provider and patient to distinguish with the different colors.

  • If the status is appointment then admin can find the analytical bar graph of appointment with complete and cancelled appointment.

  • If the status is revenue then admin can analyze the graph through date and revenue generated.

List view

  1. New users: View the list of new user displayed, encompassing name of registered users, type(whether the user is patient, consulting provider and referring provider), Date of sign up.

  2. Appointment: View the list of revenue displayed, encompassing Date & slot, Family Name, Patient Name, Service Provider Name, Service Name, Amount, Transaction Status

  3. Revenue: View the list of revenue displayed, encompassing Patient Name, Service Provider Name, Date Of Payment, Revenue Amount, Transaction Amount.

Search, Filter and Export functionality

Admin can conveniently search by name. Admins can filter based on clinic name.

Exporting data facilitates comprehensive analysis of new users, appointments, revenue, transactions and average revenue.

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