๐Ÿ“”Ask for Referral

In this section, patient can able to ask for a referral

In the Ask for Referral section, patients can easily request referrals.

Referral Creation Process

  1. Patient Search

    • Access the patient search feature to find patient information using their name.

  2. Select Specialty

    • After selecting the patient, choose the appropriate specialty or treatment category that best fits the patient's needs, such as mental illness or nausea

  3. Choose Referring Provider

    • A list of available referral doctors will be displayed. Select the referring provider who you believe would be best suited for the patient's needs.

  4. Provide Reason and attachment

    • Explain the reason for the referral. This helps the specialist understand the patient's situation better and provide appropriate care.

    • Attach Documents: If you have any relevant documents or files that could support the referral, such as medical records or test results, you can attach them here. This additional information can help the specialist make informed decisions about the patient's care.

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