Service provider track and manage appointments through various stages for efficient scheduling.


The Appointments section provides an overview of scheduled appointments for healthcare providers. When you are navigating into the appointment section you find different statuses of appointments.

Referring Tab

  • This status indicates that a patient has been recommended for an appointment by another doctor.

  • The patient's basic information is visible, indicating they are in the referral stage.

  • Appointment details might not be confirmed yet, as it awaits approval.

Pending Tab

  • In the Pending Appointments tab, you will see a list of appointments awaiting confirmation.

  • Patient information, including name and contact details, will be visible, along with specific appointment details such as date and time.

  • To approve an appointment, click on the "Approve" button next to the appointment details.

    • If approved, the appointment will move to the Upcoming section, and the patient will be notified of the confirmation.

  • To decline an appointment, click on the "Decline" button next to the appointment details.

    • If declined, the appointment will move to the Cancelled section, and the patient will be notified of the cancellation.

Upcoming Tab

  • The appointment is confirmed and scheduled to happen soon, indicating the patient is set to see the healthcare provider.

  • Patient information is prominently displayed, along with confirmed details of the upcoming appointment.

  • All finalized details, including date, time are clearly visible.

  • If needed, consulting providers can reschedule or cancel appointments directly from the appointment details screen.

Joining the Video Call

  • Consulting providers can join the video call by clicking on the appointment.

  • They should join the call before 10 minutes of the scheduled appointment time.

During the Video Call

  • Upon joining the call, consulting providers have the flexibility to start the chat, share their screen, and attach any necessary notes.

After the Video Call

  • After ending the call, consulting providers can attach or modify notes related to the appointment.

  • They can also attach any required documents and send a follow-up link to the patient for further instructions or information.

  • Additionally, consulting providers can set reminders for themselves to follow up on specific tasks or appointments.

Completed Tab

  • Completed appointments are those that have successfully occurred, either as a referral or appointment.

  • All appointments that have been marked as completed will be listed in the Completed tab.

  • Patient details may include summaries from the completed appointment.

  • Details of the completed appointment, including date, time, and any relevant notes, are accessible through appointment summary.

Canceled Tab

  • The appointment has been canceled, either by the patient or the healthcare provider, and will not proceed as scheduled.

  • Patient information is retained, but there is an indication that the appointment has been canceled.

  • Details of the canceled appointment, such as the original date and time, are present in the system.

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