On this page admin can efficiently manage and categorize clinic services for patient accessibility.

Service Management

Service Management helps clinics and hospitals ensure patients get the right medical care they need quickly.

Admins create and categorize services, making it easy for patients to find the care they require.

Service List

View the list of service displayed, encompassing service image, service names, service type, Min price , max price, cancellation fee platform fee and Action.

  1. Service Image : In this column it contains the image of the services

  2. Service Name: It shows the name of the service

  3. Service Type: It show the type of service such as insurance covered or paid covered.

  4. Min price: It contains the minimum price where the admin can set the minimum price of taking the service.

  5. Max Price: It contains the maximum price where the admin can set the maximum price of taking the service.

  6. Cancellation Fee: It shows the cancellation fees. Admin can set the cancellation fees when an appointment will gets cancelled.

  7. Platform Fee: It shows the platform fees. Admin can set the platform fees during the signup as users

  8. Active/Inactive: It is a toggle button where admin can active/inactive the service. If the service is off then the service is not visible to the providers and patient are not accessible to that service. If the service is on then service is accessible to all users.

  9. Action: Two types of action admin can access.

    1. Edit: Through the edit icon admin can edit the service details as needed.

    2. Assignee Clinic:

      Admins assign services to clinics, a task reserved for super admins. They can toggle various features:

      • Auto Approval: Automatically confirms appointments if online booking is enabled.

      • Online Booking: Allows patients to schedule appointments online for the service.

      • Select Provider: Enables patients to choose specific healthcare providers.

      • Enable Rebooking: Facilitates easy appointment rescheduling for patients.

Admin can conveniently search for services by name. Admins can filter services based on clinic service type.

Add Service

Admins can add services directly from the admin panel. They complete essential fields such as:

  1. Service type: Whether service type is insurance covered or paid covered.

  2. Service Name: Clearly identifies the service.

  3. Symptom: Describes the symptoms or conditions the service addresses.

  4. Image: Provides visual representation.

  5. Description: Offers detailed information about the service. Admins can also choose whether to display service details to referring providers.

  6. Then set the min price, max price, cancellation fees, platform fees

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