In this tab, admin sets the Appointment Expiration hour if the Service provider does not accept the appointment, that appointment will be considered as the cancel the appointment.

The Google Address API Key is a credential used to authenticate requests to Google Maps APIs.

As an admin, you have the ability to configure the Session Inactivity Time for users on the platform.

Session Inactivity Time is a period of time that determines how long a user can remain inactive on the platform before being prompted to take action. If a user does not interact with the platform within this specified duration, a pop-up screen will appear.

Preference Instruction

  1. Click "Edit" to update the fields of "Preferences".

  2. Adjust "Appointment Expiration Hour".

  3. Enter the "Google address API key".

  4. Mention the "Session Inactivity Time".

  5. Click "Save".

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