Admin can track appointment transactions and download transaction details.


Admin can access the list of all transactions of appointments.


  • Transaction Id: In this column, you will find the transaction ID.

  • Date: In which date the transaction will happen

  • Status: In this column, you will find the status of the transaction. There are three types of transactions: pending, completed, and cancelled

  • Service Provider Name: For whom service provider appointment is booked.

  • Patient Name: In this column list there is patient name for whom appointment is booked.

  • Price: Charge of the appointment.

  • Service Name: For what specialization patient booked the appointment.

  • Action: Admin can download the transaction of the appointment.

Admin can conveniently filter based on clinic name, service provider, patient name, services, date range filter, and filter on status. Admins can search for patient name, service provider name.

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